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  • Get Ready For The Ultimate Branding Challenge

Now that we’re done with June’s #Blog30 Challenge, here’s a new blogging challenge you can enter.

Get Ready Ya’ll, Get Read For The Fun!

It’s not your ordinary run of the mill blogging challenge…  The “Brand Thy Self!” Blogging Challenge is really a “Branding Challenge”.

The 27-day branding challenge starts on July 4th and ends on July 31st.  Winners will be determined by …

Details to be announced, but here’s something to nibble on.


  1. Video Blogging – Post a video of yourself everyday + < 100-word summary/description
  2. Internet Radio Blogging – Post a voice flash recording ever day + < 100-word summary/description
  3. Non Video Blogging – 200-500 word post.

Community Blogging Themes: (to be announced)

Winners  – Different categories of winners will be selected by …

  1. Best Blog Theme
  2. Most Influential Brand
  3. Most Helpful Brand
  4. Most Marketable Company Brand
  5. Most Marketable Boys Brand (14-17)
  6. Most Marketable Girls Brand (14-17)
  7. Most Marketable Seniors Girls Brand (55+)
  8. Most Marketable Senior Men’s Brand (55+)
  9. Most Marketable Manly Brand
  10. Most Marketable Womanly Brand
  11. (more…)

Prizes: (to be announced…  hint:  iPads!)


  1. What Rules?
  2. (…  to be announced …)

On July 4th, declare your Independence and “Brand Thy Self!”

Note 1:  Since Pro Manager is hosting the challenge, (full disclosure:  I am the co-founder of Pro Manager and have potential financial gain) I am automatically “disqualified” from entering the contest.

Note 2: I’ll be branding myself right along with you every step of the way.

Note 3:  btw, we have an Affiliate Program starting at 1-Level at 50%.

(Insider Report:  We’re moving to a 2-Tier program paying you 25% on each tier.  That’s what you’ll see in the Pro Manager Income Potential Simulation Calculator)