There’s been a change of plan.

Yes, I know I have the outline for the first 30 days of the blog challenge, and my goodness… I am doing my best to meet it…  but work and life keeps getting in the way of that and at the end of the day, I’ve got 2-5 great ideas for a post, and one idea in particular that both Tom and I absolutely loved and agreed to for launching the Pro Manager Social Networking System.

I’m super excited to announce that we too will be sponsoring and hosting our own blogging challenge, The Pro Manager 30-Day “Brand Thy Self!” Personal Branding Challenge!!

It’s your Vision…

It’s Your Brand!!

We’re modeling the contest after several contests that I’m participating in, including Jeanette Cate’s Free 30-Day Blog Challenge and the FamousBloggers ComLuv Contest with $3000 in CASH Prizes and a great writeup in “How to Organize a Successful Guest Blogging Contest with Cash Prizes” “How to Organize a Successful Guest Blogging Contest with Cash Prizes”

Joining these two contests… and connecting with enthusiastic bloggers from both communities who are passionate about making full-time income and beyond… and combining OUR OWN  (Pro Manager) blogging challenge… the buzz we’re building is starting to grow even before this book is finished… and even with just a handful of friends organically spreading the words amongst their close circle of friends.

Those come in first will get to be the first Beta testers.

The official rules and details are still to be announced… but here’s the inside info that I’m allowed to tell you:

1.  Everyone will have a clean fresh start by creating a new blog

2.  Write 1 or more new and original engaging blog post per day for your first 30 days after accepting the challenge.

3.  Do the social sharing thing… fb, twitter, youtube, etc.

4.  Comment and connect with other contestants in their blogs… iow, Socialize!

5.  Visit our sponsors websites (sponsor signup link coming soon)

6.  Beta test the prototype Pro Manager Social Networking System’s Affiliate Referral Management Module, Back Office and 2-Tier Affiliate Program.  (videos coming soon)

“Our system has a Very Attractive 2-Tier Affiliate Program that pays out 25% on each level for a 50% total payout.”

7.  Must have Paypal account to accept affiliate payments.

8.  Must be passionate about your topic.  We believe in going Green, but we don’t allow you to recycle your posts here!  Minimum length,  approx ??? words. (tbd)

9.  Posts with photos, podcasts and videos will Score higher… especially if they are of you or belong to you.   (We’re Gaming this folks!)

10.  Beta test the Social Media Personal Branding Platform  (the WordPress MU installation that hosts your new blog)

more details to follow…  but here’s one last one that I can share with you right now… that you’re going to love!

Initially, we wanted to limit the # of bloggers that can enter the challenge to just 1,200.  But in light of this amazing module that I discovered today, the WordPress MU, I’m going to officially request to Tom that we raise that number to 10,000 money hungry highly motivated passionate bloggers who want to get paid for blogging about what they’re truly passionate about.

Some will blog about how to blog, how to get more traffic to your blog, help, train and tutor other bloggers get their blogs up and running… there’s lots of you out there, and if that’s your passion… GREAT!  Welcome Aboard!  You’ll have plenty of company!

Others will use the platform to build their Personal Brand!  If you’re a musician, artist, writer, actor… whatever… if that’s you and you want to grow your fan base to ridiculous proportions, you’re gonna love what the platform can do for you.  It’s your Vision, It’s Your Brand!!

Still… others will blog about their passions supporting worthy social causes (like a positively effective movement to clean up and prevent future Gulf Oil Spills)…  Light Workers working to create the change we wish to see in the world…   If that’s you… Welcome Home!  We’ve been waiting for you.  :)

Below is the screen capture of the “About Your Inviter” section of the Landing Page.  The numbers displayed for Followers and Following are purely from unit testing…  but the pledge amount and cash donation goal of $88,120,000…  That’s REAL!!

Raising and Donating $88,120,000 to charitable worthy social causes, organizations and foundations is the amount in the Global Economic Crisis Calculator results based on my own input of what I said I wanted to become Financially Free!  I just input my numbers, and it spits out the results!!

Off the cuff, do you know how much money you need to be Financially Free?

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How does it work?  It’s a simple formula really, and it’s based on your own input.

It’s built-into The Pro Manager Social Networking System showing the worthy social causes you support, and how much money you want to raise in support of your causes!!

More details taken from my answers in email exchanges:

“We’re doing a product launch and the promotion, and the plan is to have 10,000 financially motivated bloggers of all levels (total newbies, to blogging rock stars!) beta testing our “Affiliate Referral Management System” and using our blogging platform to promote it.. and WordPress MU really sounds like the ticket to make work!”

“Our system has a Very Attractive 2-Tier Affiliate Program that pays out 25% on each level for a 50% total payout.”

“We’re having a 30-day blogging contest that kicks off our launch which we have yet announced.  If you’d like to be one of the first bloggers to see the system when we turn it on, let me know and I’ll reserve an invitation for you.”