Merging the multi-user feature is the top best most awesome feature that will take blogging to the next step:  community of bloggers.

Get paid doing it!!

It was available all along with the WordPress MU release, but now it’s mainstream.  Everybody can install their own multi-user environment and promote a community of bloggers around a central theme.

Here are TEN communities I’m launching with on the Summer Solstice, June 21, 2010.

  1. – Using Social Media and Beyond for Personal Branding
  2. – What is Your Formula To Successfully Launching Your Business
  3. - Learn WordPress from the Best
  4. - Conscious Beings Bringing More Light and Love into the World
  5. – Businesses the Help the Environment
  6. – Promote Your Twitter Biz on TwitterBiz.Biz
  7. – Supporting “Get Paid For Who You Are” Fans
  8. – The Next Evolution To Getting Paid For Who You Are
  9. – Get Your Soap Box On and Share with Passion
  10. - What Is Your Personal “My Story of Woe”

The websites are active with a basic installation that needs to get “fleshed out” as the community is launched and growing.

Some of these communities are free to join,  with an option for you to make a donation for the community.. while others are subscription based to premium content, Powered by the Pro Manager 2-Tier Affiliate program.

Why would you join these blogging communities when you already have a blog of your own?  To connect with like minded people in your interest groups and get paid doing it!!

I’m blogging on all of these communities with the username:  “Henry”

You can read all about My Story of Woe on!

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