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Day 6:  Social Media Personal Branding Success Stories – NOT!

“Hey You, Get Up and Blog!”

For a brief moment today, the stars were in alignment, divine synchronicities were manifesting in my favor, not a single every crack in the sidewalk… and workwise, I was ahead of schedule!

I had my blog post mapped out on paper, talked to a potential new client with A FREAKING HOT PRODUCT and It Just Felt GOOD Being Super Productive!!

Then I got a call from my ex-wife.

Today is Sunday…  but when you’re a budding entrepreneur juggling family life of a single dad and supporting a network of friends literally frothing at the mouth to get Betatest underway… well ok… not LITERALLY frothing… but everyday they ask for the progress report…

“Is it ready?  Is it ready? When can we get started? … Are we there yet?”

Sometimes I just feel like I’m so in demand and have to utilize every moment of my time that it can be a bit overwhelming, know what I mean?

So you can imagine how I might have felt when I got that call and asked me if I felt like hanging out with “The Boys?”

You see…  “The Boys” are my my ex’s two sons, my daughters’ younger brothers.  Seth is 6 and Caleb is 3.  But their father is in Mexico where the long arm of the Texas Attorney General can’t thump him over the head for child support.  Now, I’m not throwing stones at anyone… I’ve had hard times too and fell behind too…  but I always made myself available to be there for my daughters.

It’s a win-win-win-win-win all that way.

And now for Seth and Caleb… I find myself stepping into that role too.

I had just finished “making my rounds” socializing online (commenting on blogs and Facebook and Twitter, requesting new friends, answering emails…) and writing the outline to today’s post and was pretty proud of myself for actually being productive.

So naturally,  I said “Yes!  I’d love to!”

Who wouldn’t?

I get to have a bonus night with my daughters while I babysat their brothers who love me as their own Daddy and I love as my own sons!!  It’s a win-win-win-win-win all that way.

After swimming, dinner, smoothies, brush teeth and bed, I layed down with them and said our prayers of gratitude.  Seth was grateful and soooo excited about the all the wonderful things he saw at the beach this week-end… (possibly the last week-end for any beach here in the Texas coastline for a long time…  more on that later…  I’M VERY PASSIONATE about the environmental hazard of the BP oil spill…  but more on supporting worthy social causes on Day 25)  Caleb was already asleep… and Seth wasn’t far behind… and there’s me pulling in the rear making sure All Aboard The Dream Express.

But as I was drifting off to the astral worlds, I remember thinking that I have to get up and write today’s blog post!  I take fulfilling my commitment in writing the daily #blog30 challenge post seriously.

It must have worked because two hours later, I woke up with that exact thought, “Hey You, Get Up and Blog!”

So that’s where I am at this moment, at my ex-wife’s place with All my children.

Oh, it totally threw off my schedule and I’m behind again… and it wasn’t until I actually sat down and started writing that I knew what I was going to blog about.  I had planned to blog about “Social Media Personal Branding Success Stories”…  but sometimes…

When you’re open… the best laid plans of mice and men can get even better than you ever imagined possible!  :-)

May The Sweetest of Your Dreams Turn Into Your Everyday Reality


Soooo…. “Social Media Personal Branding Success Stories” gets to be tomorrow’s topic of the day…  I’ll double up and make two posts tomorrow to make up for tonight impromptu and stay on the original schedule.

Tomorrow, I have a small confession to make to you… and you can use what I tell you to your advantage.  Then I’ll absolutely SHATTER Silly Old Myths and show you the New Realities we’re living in!  Then on Tuesday, once and for all eternity, I’ll knock out forever the BIGGEST LIE People Tell About Making Money Online!

It’s been almost a week now and again, thank you for stopping by and keeping me company with your conversation and support.  If you haven’t already done so, please leave me a comment and feel free to comment on each others’ comments…  and allow me the honor to be your connector to each other… and Retweet and Share on FB.

Thanks again and I’m looking forward to another FANTABULOUS week of awesome blogging from us all!!

Until then my fellow bloggers, fellow parents and new friends, and old(er) friends… Good Night and May The Sweetest of Your Dreams Turn Into Your Everyday Reality.

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