When the new Millennium opened at midnight on January 1, 2000, with a lot of people worried about the impending Y2K doomsday scenarios…  I was having my own Y2K meltdown too.

Those were my hopes and dreams…  I totally bought into it, hook, line and sinker!!  And I wasn’t about to stop until I got it…  no matter what.

I had just finished an 18-month out-of-town consulting job that put an irreparable strain on my marriage.  I promised myself that I would never do that again!

Even though I had made good money as a consultant, I was still a slave to my J.O.B.  It seemed like no matter how much more money I made by working tons of overtime, my expenses kept going up even faster!  I rode my spending curve all the way to the top and unbelievably, was going into debt faster than I could make money.

I was in a vicious cycle…  the more I worked, the more I depended on “external” satisfaction, like buying expensive gadgets like all guys do….  most of which I never even used!   It sent me further into debt, so off to work I’d go for even longer hours, weekends and endless nights.

Oh, and did I mention on top of all that, I had been remodeling my house for the previous couple of years?

So there you have it…  the two most potent marriage destroyers of all time:  Finances and Remodeling.  (Infidelity usually comes as a result of the breakdown of communication and mounting stress in the relationship… but that’s an entirely other story.)

Without a financial plan for the future and a roadmap to get there, I felt completely lost.

So I quit my IT consulting career to focus on an entrepreneurial project with my then brother-in-law, Tom Bryant, who eventually became my business partner.

Tom was a partner in a financial brokerage here in Austin, Todd Reed Inc.  Years previously, they decided to diversify their portfolio by including income streams from network marketing companies.  They were able to build a downline of over 100,00 very quickly…  but they didn’t even collect email addresses…  remember, this was back in 2000 when internet marketing barely even existed.

So when Tom asked me to help their office get up to date technologically and learn the network marketing industry, I jumped at the chance with both feet!!

I knew it was the right thing to do, to venture out, to take a chance at something greater than what I was currently doing, and do it while I was still young enough.  I had two young children with growing needs and I was missing out on it because I was working so much!

I had seen the hype about how people were getting rich quick in the mlm industry…  saw lots of pictures of happy couples in their fancy cars, beautiful mansions, and elegant yachts.  They looked fit, active and happy…  with their children playing… and I wanted to be just that!

Those were my hopes and dreams…  I totally bought into it, hook, line and sinker!!  And I wasn’t about to stop until I got it…  no matter what.

But sometimes, it’s that “no matter what” that drives us can also blind us when it gets in our way.   But that’s yet, another story too.

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