I’m blogging for 30 days straight for the 30-Day Blog Challenge…  so I decided to map out the articles that I’m writing in the next 30 days.  By mapping it out, it will not only keep me on track, it gives you, my dear reader, a preview of what’s coming up, and an idea of where I’m going with all of this.

The bolded topics below, that’s where the opportunity for us to connect and collaborate.

You see, beyond just blogging for 30 days straight to meet the blogging challenge, my another purpose for writing the blog is to collect these articles into an eBook titled “Brand Thy Self!”

There’s a tagline in there too, but I haven’t decided exactly what it is yet… something like

  1. Personal Branding Using Social Media for Newbies and Experts
  2. Getting Paid For Being Yourself and Sharing
  3. The Ultimate in Social Media Personal Branding
  4. ….  your suggestion???

The topics covered in  “Brand Thy Self!” are taken from the articles to be written below.  The items in black, I’ve got fully covered.

The bolded topics below, that’s where the opportunity for us to connect and collaborate.

As I write the chapters in “Brand Thy Self!”, I’m going to reference and cite other blogs that pertain to those topics.  For example, for topic #8, “The Biggest Lie People Repeat About Making Money Online”, I have my idea of what that is.  But I’m sure you, my dear reader, also have your own ideas of what the biggest lie is.  So when I write my blog, I’ll write my own idea, but I’ll also reference and cite yours!

That means that when the eBook is completed and published, your blog links will be in the pertinent chapters and the bibliography section for all time!  Big Whoop, right?

Well… I think it is and here’s why.  I’ve co-created along with my business partner a Social Media Personal Branding Platform that comes with a Step-By-Step Affiliate Referral Management System that takes advantage of exponentially growing your Social Media social proof and influence.

So that’s the offer.

To summarize, I’m sharing my topics for the next 30 days, putting it all into an eBook “Brand Thy Self!”, and I’ll immortalize your blogs by linking to it and citing you as an expert in Social Media Personal Branding…  because you are!!

And if you can help me come up with the “tag line” for the book, I’ll give you something special…  not sure yet, but I guarantee it will be of great value.

Without further ado…  here’s my list of topics for the next 30 days!!

  1. Introduction, How I Lost It!
  2. My Story of Woe
  3. Get Immortalized!  Be In My eBook:
  4. The Breaking Point and How I Found the Solution
  5. The Ultimate Solution – with PM Calculator Video
  6. Success Stories of Folks Using The Solution
  7. Old Myths vs. New Realities
  8. The Biggest Lie People Repeat About Making Money Online
  9. Will This Work For Anyone
  10. The Zombie Quiz
  11. The Global Economic Calculator
  12. The Plan
  13. The Social Media Personal Branding Platform
  14. The Back Office
  15. Getting Started
  16. Do’s and the Don’ts
  17. Ongoing Training and Resources
  18. Finding Your Niche
  19. Boosting Your Self Confidence
  20. Sharing Your Passions
  21. Growing Your Personal Brand Pt1 – Getting Massive Traffic
  22. Growing Your Personal Brand Pt2 – Connecting with Power Players
  23. How You Make Money from Your Personal Brand
  24. Next Step With Your Personal Brand
  25. Working with Non-Profits, Charitable Organizations and Professional Associations
  26. Putting it together and How it all works with Pro Manager
  27. Focusing Your Mind
  28. Turning Vision Into Reality
  29. My Story of Wow!
  30. Where do you go from here?

(note:  I will be editing the list above to link to the blog articles)

Tomorrow, I’ll share with you how I reached my Breaking Point and How I found the solution to take me to the next stage!

Thank you again for stopping by and please subscribe to my feed, follow me on Twitter, friend me on Facebook… and in the next 30 days, I hope to entertain and enlighten you with my story of struggle, hope, faith, more struggle, some disillusionment, tons of perseverance, (and did I mention even more struggle), dedication, some enlightenment and eventually, the Ultimate Personal Success!!