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Reading the comments from yesterday’s post,  I got the overwhelming confirmation and I must admit, satisfaction that changing yesterday’s topic was the right thing to do.  Thank you dearly, my dear readers!  :-)

Instead of writing the Day 6 topic, Social Media Personal Branding Success Stories, I chose to share with you some personal stuff, and my thoughts of being open to sponteneity and doing what feels right.  In the process, I got to share with you a little bit more about me on a more personal level…  without oversharing this time…  (Some people might consider these “oversharing”:  “My Story of Woe” or “The Breaking Point and How I Found The Solution”.

When I saw that formula, that’s when it finally clicked together.  “VOILA!  I GOT IT!”

Now here’s the confession that I said I’d make….  ready?   Here it is::  “I’m making this all up as I go!”

Seriously!  But let me repeat that again for the hard at reading…  “I’M MAKING THIS ALL UP AS I GO!”

Huh?  What do I mean by that?  Think of it this way.

Sure I outlined my daily topics in my “Get Immortalized!  Be In My eBook!! post of what I’m going to write about in this month’s #Blog30 Challenge hosted by Jeannette Cates. so you know I’m The Man with The Master Plan.

I’m the co-founder of Pro Manager, an online publishing house of digital goods, with a built-in Social Networking System, Multiple Revenue Engines and a 2-Tier Affiliate Program.

And sure The Pro Manager System with The Ultimate Social Media Personal Branding Platform has the potential to grow extremely viral even with just the Beta version of the prototype that we’re rolling out with.

That’s when it all clicked together, oh so beautiful!

But for the record, I want you to know that I’m on the level with you when I say that Life has no dress rehearsals and that every moment is as unique and powerful…  and with the potential to positively add to your Personal Brand!  Because when you’re feeling it… and you know you’re feeling it…  like you’re in the Flow… you just let the current take you in the direction where you’re meant to go.  With that in mind, I’m making this all up on the fly!

Now the case studies of success stories that I’m citing…


They used social media to brand themselves using their own systems… but once you look at enough marketing landing pages and read enough sales copy, you’ll begin to see a pattern to what they’re doing…  Imagine if you looked at thousands of landing pages, spent countless hours watching hundreds of marketing videos, and attend endless webinars and teleseminars until finally someone lays out the step-by-step formula in a way that makes sense, and it creates the emotional connection …  and create a loyal following and compells them to keep reading your newsletters, keep returning to your blog,  and eventually buy something you’re selling or promoting as an affiliate.

When I saw that formula, that’s when it finally clicked together.  “VOILA!  I GOT IT!”

And it’s the same Blue Print that I used to structure the outline of my #Blog30 Challenge.

Now the people who “got it” before I did, they’re well on their way in building their brand and creating financial freedom.  As the software programmer for the Beta prototype, I’ve had my head buried in code for forever that looking back on it now, I should have outsourced more of it rather than developing it myself.

But as it were, the 8+ years of researching and developing, beta testing, rebranding, retesting and redeveloping The Pro Manager System to get to the current Beta stage was very well spent, as we’ve completely bootstrapped it with our life savings and minimum investments from a few close friends.  We were so focused on too broad of a niche, we totoally missed the initial  Social Media Wave that’s created multi-millionaires in short time and many other success stories of people becoming financially free!

When we took a step back at the Pro Manager System, and looked at it from different points of view, as an Affiliate Marketer would see it… or an Original Content Producer… or a Network Marketer… or a Charitable Organization looking to raise funds for worthy social causes…  or a student looking to fund their own way through school because their parents were laid off… or an online Social Gamer looking to play games and win big money…

That’s when it all clicked together, oh so beautiful!

That’s when we re-integrated the blogging package (in WordPress + Plugins and Themes) and packaged and promoted it as The Ultimate Social Media Personal Branding Platform, we knew it was like going from driving the family minivan to say… how about one of these cars that Jonathan Budd won in Mike Dillard’s affiliate contest, a $140,000 Audi R8.

Since then, every time I go to any landing page, I see elements of that Secret Blue Print embedded in each one.  And it’s the same Blue Print that I used to structure the outline of my #Blog30 Challenge.

Here’s a list of folks that are succeeding wildly using the same concepts, nearly identical blue prints to brand themselves blogging about what they’re passion about, and rising to the top in their niches and in Jonathan’s case, to the top of his Industry!

1.  Mike Koenig – Creator of Traffic Geyser, Mainstreet Marketing and Get Paid For Life
Comes across as a totally down to earth guy.  Articulate, smart and builds great rapport with the audience.
2.  David Wood – Author “Get Paid For Who You Are:  5 Steps to Financial Freedom, Time Freedom, Location Freedom, and Inner Freedom.”
Creator of Get Paid University coaching program
Former Actuary, pretty geeky, but it works for him.  (full disclosure:  I graduated with an Bachelor of Science degree from UCLA in Actuarial Sciences.)
3.  Katie Freiling – Author “Social Media Wealth Manifesto:  A Complete Guide to Claiming Your Personal Wealth In The New Social Media Economy”
Creator of The Unified Tribe.
Pretty passionate redhead with an inspirational eBook for the Social Media Economic Rennaissance.
4.  And of course, Mr. Jonathan Budd – with MLM Launch Formula:
The Industry Rock Star!!
We can all learn from Mr. Budd.  The kid knows his stuff and knows how to work the formula.
A little heavy on the “NLP” stuff tho, but Jonathan and I are Bros so don’t tell him I said that!  :-)
(full disclosure:  the links above are NOT affiliate links and I make no money if you buy their products)
The tremendous success that each person cited in these case studies all resulted from using Social Media Personal Branding!
For people like me, someone starting out as a complete unknown out of Austin, TX…  I’m willing to bet that the level of success achieveable by everyone using The Pro Manager Social Networking System will be directly proportionate and accurately reflect
  1. the amount of passion you put into it
  2. the level of personal sharing you’re willing to open up to
  3. of course, the # of blog posts you make
I had really planned on writing 2 articles today, but it wasn’t meant to be.  I got caught in a brainstorming session with Tom, my business partner and former brother in law, and I typed up what we came up, and sent it to our inner core group that’s going to be our initial Betatesters.
But now it falls unto tomorrow to absolutely SHATTER those Silly Old Myths and show you the New Realities we’re living in!  Then Wednesday is last day anyone will ever take seriously the BIGGEST LIE People Tell About Making Money Online!
Once more dear readers, thank you for your company and conversation and kind words of support.  And as a bonus, I’ll reserve an invitation for the Beta Test for the first 10 commentors who ask for one by saying “Please Save An Invitation For Me”
After my 10 allotted invitation reservations are gone, they’re gone forever!  But you can still get in by commenting on any of the first 10 who got the invites.  Up to the first 10 commentors per person.

That’s a total of 10 + 100 + 1,000 = 1,110 Beta Testers Spots Available for the first wave of Beta Testers for the Pro Manager Social Networking System when we release the prototype.   More on this tomorrow, but go ahead and comment now.
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