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Creating The Ultimate Social Media Personal Branding Platform!
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Now that we’re done with June’s #Blog30 Challenge, here’s a new blogging challenge you can enter.

Get Ready Ya’ll, Get Read For The Fun!

It’s not your ordinary run of the mill blogging challenge…  The “Brand Thy Self!” Blogging Challenge is really a “Branding Challenge”.

The 27-day branding challenge starts on July 4th and ends on July 31st.  Winners will be determined by …

Details to be announced, but here’s something to nibble on.


  1. Video Blogging – Post a video of yourself everyday + < 100-word summary/description
  2. Internet Radio Blogging – Post a voice flash recording ever day + < 100-word summary/description
  3. Non Video Blogging – 200-500 word post.

Community Blogging Themes: (to be announced)

Winners  – Different categories of winners will be selected by …

  1. Best Blog Theme
  2. Most Influential Brand
  3. Most Helpful Brand
  4. Most Marketable Company Brand
  5. Most Marketable Boys Brand (14-17)
  6. Most Marketable Girls Brand (14-17)
  7. Most Marketable Seniors Girls Brand (55+)
  8. Most Marketable Senior Men’s Brand (55+)
  9. Most Marketable Manly Brand
  10. Most Marketable Womanly Brand
  11. (more…)

Prizes: (to be announced…  hint:  iPads!)


  1. What Rules?
  2. (…  to be announced …)

On July 4th, declare your Independence and “Brand Thy Self!”

Note 1:  Since Pro Manager is hosting the challenge, (full disclosure:  I am the co-founder of Pro Manager and have potential financial gain) I am automatically “disqualified” from entering the contest.

Note 2: I’ll be branding myself right along with you every step of the way.

Note 3:  btw, we have an Affiliate Program starting at 1-Level at 50%.

(Insider Report:  We’re moving to a 2-Tier program paying you 25% on each tier.  That’s what you’ll see in the Pro Manager Income Potential Simulation Calculator)

Merging the multi-user feature is the top best most awesome feature that will take blogging to the next step:  community of bloggers.

Get paid doing it!!

It was available all along with the WordPress MU release, but now it’s mainstream.  Everybody can install their own multi-user environment and promote a community of bloggers around a central theme.

Here are TEN communities I’m launching with on the Summer Solstice, June 21, 2010.

  1. – Using Social Media and Beyond for Personal Branding
  2. – What is Your Formula To Successfully Launching Your Business
  3. - Learn WordPress from the Best
  4. - Conscious Beings Bringing More Light and Love into the World
  5. – Businesses the Help the Environment
  6. – Promote Your Twitter Biz on TwitterBiz.Biz
  7. – Supporting “Get Paid For Who You Are” Fans
  8. – The Next Evolution To Getting Paid For Who You Are
  9. – Get Your Soap Box On and Share with Passion
  10. - What Is Your Personal “My Story of Woe”

The websites are active with a basic installation that needs to get “fleshed out” as the community is launched and growing.

Some of these communities are free to join,  with an option for you to make a donation for the community.. while others are subscription based to premium content, Powered by the Pro Manager 2-Tier Affiliate program.

Why would you join these blogging communities when you already have a blog of your own?  To connect with like minded people in your interest groups and get paid doing it!!

I’m blogging on all of these communities with the username:  “Henry”

You can read all about My Story of Woe on!

Which Blogging Community Would You Fit In The Most?

View Results

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There’s been a change of plan.

Yes, I know I have the outline for the first 30 days of the blog challenge, and my goodness… I am doing my best to meet it…  but work and life keeps getting in the way of that and at the end of the day, I’ve got 2-5 great ideas for a post, and one idea in particular that both Tom and I absolutely loved and agreed to for launching the Pro Manager Social Networking System.

I’m super excited to announce that we too will be sponsoring and hosting our own blogging challenge, The Pro Manager 30-Day “Brand Thy Self!” Personal Branding Challenge!!

It’s your Vision…

It’s Your Brand!!

We’re modeling the contest after several contests that I’m participating in, including Jeanette Cate’s Free 30-Day Blog Challenge and the FamousBloggers ComLuv Contest with $3000 in CASH Prizes and a great writeup in “How to Organize a Successful Guest Blogging Contest with Cash Prizes” “How to Organize a Successful Guest Blogging Contest with Cash Prizes”

Joining these two contests… and connecting with enthusiastic bloggers from both communities who are passionate about making full-time income and beyond… and combining OUR OWN  (Pro Manager) blogging challenge… the buzz we’re building is starting to grow even before this book is finished… and even with just a handful of friends organically spreading the words amongst their close circle of friends.

Those come in first will get to be the first Beta testers.

The official rules and details are still to be announced… but here’s the inside info that I’m allowed to tell you:

1.  Everyone will have a clean fresh start by creating a new blog

2.  Write 1 or more new and original engaging blog post per day for your first 30 days after accepting the challenge.

3.  Do the social sharing thing… fb, twitter, youtube, etc.

4.  Comment and connect with other contestants in their blogs… iow, Socialize!

5.  Visit our sponsors websites (sponsor signup link coming soon)

6.  Beta test the prototype Pro Manager Social Networking System’s Affiliate Referral Management Module, Back Office and 2-Tier Affiliate Program.  (videos coming soon)

“Our system has a Very Attractive 2-Tier Affiliate Program that pays out 25% on each level for a 50% total payout.”

7.  Must have Paypal account to accept affiliate payments.

8.  Must be passionate about your topic.  We believe in going Green, but we don’t allow you to recycle your posts here!  Minimum length,  approx ??? words. (tbd)

9.  Posts with photos, podcasts and videos will Score higher… especially if they are of you or belong to you.   (We’re Gaming this folks!)

10.  Beta test the Social Media Personal Branding Platform  (the WordPress MU installation that hosts your new blog)

more details to follow…  but here’s one last one that I can share with you right now… that you’re going to love!

Initially, we wanted to limit the # of bloggers that can enter the challenge to just 1,200.  But in light of this amazing module that I discovered today, the WordPress MU, I’m going to officially request to Tom that we raise that number to 10,000 money hungry highly motivated passionate bloggers who want to get paid for blogging about what they’re truly passionate about.

Some will blog about how to blog, how to get more traffic to your blog, help, train and tutor other bloggers get their blogs up and running… there’s lots of you out there, and if that’s your passion… GREAT!  Welcome Aboard!  You’ll have plenty of company!

Others will use the platform to build their Personal Brand!  If you’re a musician, artist, writer, actor… whatever… if that’s you and you want to grow your fan base to ridiculous proportions, you’re gonna love what the platform can do for you.  It’s your Vision, It’s Your Brand!!

Still… others will blog about their passions supporting worthy social causes (like a positively effective movement to clean up and prevent future Gulf Oil Spills)…  Light Workers working to create the change we wish to see in the world…   If that’s you… Welcome Home!  We’ve been waiting for you.  :)

Below is the screen capture of the “About Your Inviter” section of the Landing Page.  The numbers displayed for Followers and Following are purely from unit testing…  but the pledge amount and cash donation goal of $88,120,000…  That’s REAL!!

Raising and Donating $88,120,000 to charitable worthy social causes, organizations and foundations is the amount in the Global Economic Crisis Calculator results based on my own input of what I said I wanted to become Financially Free!  I just input my numbers, and it spits out the results!!

Off the cuff, do you know how much money you need to be Financially Free?

View Results

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How does it work?  It’s a simple formula really, and it’s based on your own input.

It’s built-into The Pro Manager Social Networking System showing the worthy social causes you support, and how much money you want to raise in support of your causes!!

More details taken from my answers in email exchanges:

“We’re doing a product launch and the promotion, and the plan is to have 10,000 financially motivated bloggers of all levels (total newbies, to blogging rock stars!) beta testing our “Affiliate Referral Management System” and using our blogging platform to promote it.. and WordPress MU really sounds like the ticket to make work!”

“Our system has a Very Attractive 2-Tier Affiliate Program that pays out 25% on each level for a 50% total payout.”

“We’re having a 30-day blogging contest that kicks off our launch which we have yet announced.  If you’d like to be one of the first bloggers to see the system when we turn it on, let me know and I’ll reserve an invitation for you.”

Tom just “challenged” me and gave me “Official Assignment”.  ( Quick introduction:  Tom, my business partner, former brother-in-law, and uncle to my children, Jailyn, Mielle, Seth and Caleb.)

To my #Blog30 readers, I have a message for you near the bottom of this post.

Knowing my interests in a wide range of subjects, from scientific cutting edge technology, particularly when the applications are for the benefit of humanity and the environment… to the finer vibrations of our being… and practically all points in between… in more and more recently, my growing interest in the year 2012 and what it means on all levels.

Just the other day, I was on Facebook when I noticed that my lovely friend and Reiki Master, Christina Galvez had posted a video of David Wilcock’s follow up movie to “2012 Enigma” (2 Arms Up from both Tom and I.)

It had been released about a month ago, and we have been waiting for it since we saw 2012 Enigma months ago.  But I’ve been soooo buried in work and pressing demands… but I definitely planned to watch it later.  I told Tom about it, and he immediately had to find it, and started watching it.

We were supposed to watch it together, but he ended up watching the first 20 minutes without me.

And he said he had to use all of his Will Power to pull himself away from watching it all right there and then, but he had to.

Brand Thy Self!  The Movie

Now… as of this writing, I still haven’t see this video yet.   But  Tom and I had agreed to watch it together on the big screen tv and then exchange notes and ideas afterwards.  But I plan on watching the first few minutes right now on the other computer while I continue working on this one.

If you’re interested in this kind of thing (2012, spirituality, soul travel, ascension…) this should be super fascinating and uplifting. It’s ok and even Good! to have a healthy amount of skepticism… but if you’re closed minded, you’ll never learn anything new. Don’t let that be you. You’re better than that.

I’m going to watch just a few minutes of this just to pique my interest some more while I complete writing and sharing my #Day8 #Blog30 post.

Hope you enjoy the movie and share with us your thoughts and remember to always Brand Thy Self!

To my #Blog30 Readers:

I outlined today’s post 1st thing this morning, recorded and edited an mp3 introduction to the topic, tested a podcasting plugins but didn’t really find one I was happy with. Recorded a screen capture video to be packaged as a WordPress tutorial sold through Pro Manager with the 2-Tier Affiliate Referral Program, and marketed through my Best WordPress Plugins blog. (It’s a fresh install as of this writing,  $date_published)

But my computer overheated and crashed.

It’s a loaner, so I can’t complain, I’m actually very grateful.  Thank you, Joe!

But I reframe the situation to look at it from a different perspective. (I have this genius idea, and I’m sure it’s going to work!)

Because of my 20+ years of professional consulting in the I.T. field, I know A LOT of people that work in companies that make and sell computer products Some are good friends, and some have the right connections to the right people I need to talk to and work out a deal.

Which computer manufacturer wants to take credits in my eBook and movie.

Brand Thy Self!  The Movie

Mr. Peña’s technology equipment provided by ____________

Which computer manufacturer platform Is The Best for Blogging The Making of Brand Thy Self! The Movie

  • Sony Notebook (100%, 2 Votes)
  • Apple iPad (0%, 0 Votes)
  • Apple Notebook (0%, 0 Votes)
  • Dell Notebook (0%, 0 Votes)
  • HP Notebook (0%, 0 Votes)

Total Voters: 2

Loading ... Loading ...

Related Video:

2012 Enigma by David Wilcock

This entry is part 4 of 4 in the series First 30 Days

Reading the comments from yesterday’s post,  I got the overwhelming confirmation and I must admit, satisfaction that changing yesterday’s topic was the right thing to do.  Thank you dearly, my dear readers!  :-)

Instead of writing the Day 6 topic, Social Media Personal Branding Success Stories, I chose to share with you some personal stuff, and my thoughts of being open to sponteneity and doing what feels right.  In the process, I got to share with you a little bit more about me on a more personal level…  without oversharing this time…  (Some people might consider these “oversharing”:  “My Story of Woe” or “The Breaking Point and How I Found The Solution”.

When I saw that formula, that’s when it finally clicked together.  “VOILA!  I GOT IT!”

Now here’s the confession that I said I’d make….  ready?   Here it is::  “I’m making this all up as I go!”

Seriously!  But let me repeat that again for the hard at reading…  “I’M MAKING THIS ALL UP AS I GO!”

Huh?  What do I mean by that?  Think of it this way.

Sure I outlined my daily topics in my “Get Immortalized!  Be In My eBook!! post of what I’m going to write about in this month’s #Blog30 Challenge hosted by Jeannette Cates. so you know I’m The Man with The Master Plan.

I’m the co-founder of Pro Manager, an online publishing house of digital goods, with a built-in Social Networking System, Multiple Revenue Engines and a 2-Tier Affiliate Program.

And sure The Pro Manager System with The Ultimate Social Media Personal Branding Platform has the potential to grow extremely viral even with just the Beta version of the prototype that we’re rolling out with.

That’s when it all clicked together, oh so beautiful!

But for the record, I want you to know that I’m on the level with you when I say that Life has no dress rehearsals and that every moment is as unique and powerful…  and with the potential to positively add to your Personal Brand!  Because when you’re feeling it… and you know you’re feeling it…  like you’re in the Flow… you just let the current take you in the direction where you’re meant to go.  With that in mind, I’m making this all up on the fly!

Now the case studies of success stories that I’m citing…


They used social media to brand themselves using their own systems… but once you look at enough marketing landing pages and read enough sales copy, you’ll begin to see a pattern to what they’re doing…  Imagine if you looked at thousands of landing pages, spent countless hours watching hundreds of marketing videos, and attend endless webinars and teleseminars until finally someone lays out the step-by-step formula in a way that makes sense, and it creates the emotional connection …  and create a loyal following and compells them to keep reading your newsletters, keep returning to your blog,  and eventually buy something you’re selling or promoting as an affiliate.

When I saw that formula, that’s when it finally clicked together.  “VOILA!  I GOT IT!”

And it’s the same Blue Print that I used to structure the outline of my #Blog30 Challenge.

Now the people who “got it” before I did, they’re well on their way in building their brand and creating financial freedom.  As the software programmer for the Beta prototype, I’ve had my head buried in code for forever that looking back on it now, I should have outsourced more of it rather than developing it myself.

But as it were, the 8+ years of researching and developing, beta testing, rebranding, retesting and redeveloping The Pro Manager System to get to the current Beta stage was very well spent, as we’ve completely bootstrapped it with our life savings and minimum investments from a few close friends.  We were so focused on too broad of a niche, we totoally missed the initial  Social Media Wave that’s created multi-millionaires in short time and many other success stories of people becoming financially free!

When we took a step back at the Pro Manager System, and looked at it from different points of view, as an Affiliate Marketer would see it… or an Original Content Producer… or a Network Marketer… or a Charitable Organization looking to raise funds for worthy social causes…  or a student looking to fund their own way through school because their parents were laid off… or an online Social Gamer looking to play games and win big money…

That’s when it all clicked together, oh so beautiful!

That’s when we re-integrated the blogging package (in WordPress + Plugins and Themes) and packaged and promoted it as The Ultimate Social Media Personal Branding Platform, we knew it was like going from driving the family minivan to say… how about one of these cars that Jonathan Budd won in Mike Dillard’s affiliate contest, a $140,000 Audi R8.

Since then, every time I go to any landing page, I see elements of that Secret Blue Print embedded in each one.  And it’s the same Blue Print that I used to structure the outline of my #Blog30 Challenge.

Here’s a list of folks that are succeeding wildly using the same concepts, nearly identical blue prints to brand themselves blogging about what they’re passion about, and rising to the top in their niches and in Jonathan’s case, to the top of his Industry!

1.  Mike Koenig – Creator of Traffic Geyser, Mainstreet Marketing and Get Paid For Life
Comes across as a totally down to earth guy.  Articulate, smart and builds great rapport with the audience.
2.  David Wood – Author “Get Paid For Who You Are:  5 Steps to Financial Freedom, Time Freedom, Location Freedom, and Inner Freedom.”
Creator of Get Paid University coaching program
Former Actuary, pretty geeky, but it works for him.  (full disclosure:  I graduated with an Bachelor of Science degree from UCLA in Actuarial Sciences.)
3.  Katie Freiling – Author “Social Media Wealth Manifesto:  A Complete Guide to Claiming Your Personal Wealth In The New Social Media Economy”
Creator of The Unified Tribe.
Pretty passionate redhead with an inspirational eBook for the Social Media Economic Rennaissance.
4.  And of course, Mr. Jonathan Budd – with MLM Launch Formula:
The Industry Rock Star!!
We can all learn from Mr. Budd.  The kid knows his stuff and knows how to work the formula.
A little heavy on the “NLP” stuff tho, but Jonathan and I are Bros so don’t tell him I said that!  :-)
(full disclosure:  the links above are NOT affiliate links and I make no money if you buy their products)
The tremendous success that each person cited in these case studies all resulted from using Social Media Personal Branding!
For people like me, someone starting out as a complete unknown out of Austin, TX…  I’m willing to bet that the level of success achieveable by everyone using The Pro Manager Social Networking System will be directly proportionate and accurately reflect
  1. the amount of passion you put into it
  2. the level of personal sharing you’re willing to open up to
  3. of course, the # of blog posts you make
I had really planned on writing 2 articles today, but it wasn’t meant to be.  I got caught in a brainstorming session with Tom, my business partner and former brother in law, and I typed up what we came up, and sent it to our inner core group that’s going to be our initial Betatesters.
But now it falls unto tomorrow to absolutely SHATTER those Silly Old Myths and show you the New Realities we’re living in!  Then Wednesday is last day anyone will ever take seriously the BIGGEST LIE People Tell About Making Money Online!
Once more dear readers, thank you for your company and conversation and kind words of support.  And as a bonus, I’ll reserve an invitation for the Beta Test for the first 10 commentors who ask for one by saying “Please Save An Invitation For Me”
After my 10 allotted invitation reservations are gone, they’re gone forever!  But you can still get in by commenting on any of the first 10 who got the invites.  Up to the first 10 commentors per person.

That’s a total of 10 + 100 + 1,000 = 1,110 Beta Testers Spots Available for the first wave of Beta Testers for the Pro Manager Social Networking System when we release the prototype.   More on this tomorrow, but go ahead and comment now.
If you Tweet this post, be sure to tell people to reply to your comment!
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Day 6:  Social Media Personal Branding Success Stories – NOT!

“Hey You, Get Up and Blog!”

For a brief moment today, the stars were in alignment, divine synchronicities were manifesting in my favor, not a single every crack in the sidewalk… and workwise, I was ahead of schedule!

I had my blog post mapped out on paper, talked to a potential new client with A FREAKING HOT PRODUCT and It Just Felt GOOD Being Super Productive!!

Then I got a call from my ex-wife.

Today is Sunday…  but when you’re a budding entrepreneur juggling family life of a single dad and supporting a network of friends literally frothing at the mouth to get Betatest underway… well ok… not LITERALLY frothing… but everyday they ask for the progress report…

“Is it ready?  Is it ready? When can we get started? … Are we there yet?”

Sometimes I just feel like I’m so in demand and have to utilize every moment of my time that it can be a bit overwhelming, know what I mean?

So you can imagine how I might have felt when I got that call and asked me if I felt like hanging out with “The Boys?”

You see…  “The Boys” are my my ex’s two sons, my daughters’ younger brothers.  Seth is 6 and Caleb is 3.  But their father is in Mexico where the long arm of the Texas Attorney General can’t thump him over the head for child support.  Now, I’m not throwing stones at anyone… I’ve had hard times too and fell behind too…  but I always made myself available to be there for my daughters.

It’s a win-win-win-win-win all that way.

And now for Seth and Caleb… I find myself stepping into that role too.

I had just finished “making my rounds” socializing online (commenting on blogs and Facebook and Twitter, requesting new friends, answering emails…) and writing the outline to today’s post and was pretty proud of myself for actually being productive.

So naturally,  I said “Yes!  I’d love to!”

Who wouldn’t?

I get to have a bonus night with my daughters while I babysat their brothers who love me as their own Daddy and I love as my own sons!!  It’s a win-win-win-win-win all that way.

After swimming, dinner, smoothies, brush teeth and bed, I layed down with them and said our prayers of gratitude.  Seth was grateful and soooo excited about the all the wonderful things he saw at the beach this week-end… (possibly the last week-end for any beach here in the Texas coastline for a long time…  more on that later…  I’M VERY PASSIONATE about the environmental hazard of the BP oil spill…  but more on supporting worthy social causes on Day 25)  Caleb was already asleep… and Seth wasn’t far behind… and there’s me pulling in the rear making sure All Aboard The Dream Express.

But as I was drifting off to the astral worlds, I remember thinking that I have to get up and write today’s blog post!  I take fulfilling my commitment in writing the daily #blog30 challenge post seriously.

It must have worked because two hours later, I woke up with that exact thought, “Hey You, Get Up and Blog!”

So that’s where I am at this moment, at my ex-wife’s place with All my children.

Oh, it totally threw off my schedule and I’m behind again… and it wasn’t until I actually sat down and started writing that I knew what I was going to blog about.  I had planned to blog about “Social Media Personal Branding Success Stories”…  but sometimes…

When you’re open… the best laid plans of mice and men can get even better than you ever imagined possible!  :-)

May The Sweetest of Your Dreams Turn Into Your Everyday Reality


Soooo…. “Social Media Personal Branding Success Stories” gets to be tomorrow’s topic of the day…  I’ll double up and make two posts tomorrow to make up for tonight impromptu and stay on the original schedule.

Tomorrow, I have a small confession to make to you… and you can use what I tell you to your advantage.  Then I’ll absolutely SHATTER Silly Old Myths and show you the New Realities we’re living in!  Then on Tuesday, once and for all eternity, I’ll knock out forever the BIGGEST LIE People Tell About Making Money Online!

It’s been almost a week now and again, thank you for stopping by and keeping me company with your conversation and support.  If you haven’t already done so, please leave me a comment and feel free to comment on each others’ comments…  and allow me the honor to be your connector to each other… and Retweet and Share on FB.

Thanks again and I’m looking forward to another FANTABULOUS week of awesome blogging from us all!!

Until then my fellow bloggers, fellow parents and new friends, and old(er) friends… Good Night and May The Sweetest of Your Dreams Turn Into Your Everyday Reality.

This entry is part 2 of 4 in the series First 30 Days

Yesterday, I promised to  share some details about The Ultimate Solution and the Action Plan (The Winning Game Plan) and links to awesome content I’m using right now!  But first, here’s a short screencast video narrated by your’s truly here.  The video shows the landing page, the Pro Manager Income Potential Simulation Calculator and you’ll see what’s possible in the next six moths with the numbers I entered.

As Amazing As It Sounds, Now You Can Get Paid Sharing What You’re Most Passionate About And Growing Your Personal Brand!!

Today, you’ll see that by using The Ultimate Social Media Personal Branding Platform and following a step-by-step formula, you can literally build real wealth and achieve financial independence.

To successfully Brand Thy Self, you need the best social media tools, templates, training and of course, a management tool to keep all of your streams of income organized.  And that’s the system that my business partner, Tom Bryant, and I spent 8+ years in market research and product development.

We wanted to create a Referral Management System that’s truly duplicatible, generic enough so that you can use the Platform to build and manage your existing business or organization or create a new one, and True Wealth Building Program that’s powerful but easy to use and FUN to play with!

We all strive for more Location Freedom, Time Freedom, Financial Freedom and Inner Freedom!

By using The Ultimate Social Media Personal Branding Platform by Pro Manager to share your passions with the world… whatever your passions may be… maybe you have a hobby that you enjoy, or something you’re an expert in, or a burning desire to get into a better financial situation and become financially free… or maybe you want to raise awareness for a worthy social causes you support… whatever it is… It doesn’t matter as long as you’re passionate about it… you’re willing to share your passions with the world… and you’re following the Step-By-Step System…

As Amazing As It Sounds, Now You Can Get Paid Sharing What You’re Most Passionate About And Growing Your Personal Brand!!

If you’re a beginner, you can start as an Affiliate Marketer promoting other people’s products that you’re passionate about.  But if you’re already ahead of the curve, you can start as an Original Digical Content Producer and sell your digital goods through Pro Manager 2-Tier Affiliate Program.  But wait, that’s not all!  (I’ve always wanted to say that! lol!!)

If you’re a company, an organization or even as an individual, and you would like to organically advertise within the system, you can buy your own “GROUP ID”. You’ll see what the GROUP ID is used for when you see the video.

We all strive for more Location Freedom, Time Freedom, Financial Freedom and Inner Freedom!

The crazy thing about giving is that giving can actually increase the amount of money you make by over 375%!!

The Location Freedom to live and travel anywhere in the world, Time Freedom to choose how you spend your time, Inner Freedom to be yourself and to share your vision and passion with the world, and of course, Financial Freedom to afford anything your heart desires!

And speaking of hearts desires… one of mine is to help make the world a better place.  When you think about it… what good is it to have all the material possessions and creature comforts when there’s so many people in the world whose lives will greatly benefit with your help?

That’s why we’ve included a way for you to display how much money you would like donate to worthy social causes that you support from the income you earned Branding Thy Self using Pro Manager.

The crazy thing about giving is that giving can actually increase the amount of money you make by over 375%!!

As promised, here a few video links for you.  These are some some of the best.

Mike Koenig with Paid For Life:

1. – watch the video introduction and opt-in if you want to.
2.  Earn More: Swipe this million $$ product creation outline

Jonathan Budd with MLM Launch Formula:
3. watch the short intro video
4. 42 min.

Tomorrow, I’ll share details on case studies of success stories of people using Social Media to Personally Brand Them Selves.  I might even do a little video of me so you can see me Branding My Self!

Thanks for stopping by and please leave me a comment.  If you haven’t already done so, please subscribe to my feed, follow me on Twitter… and keep coming back and see how it all unfolds.  I promise to do my best to entertain and enlighten you with my story of struggle, hope, faith, more struggle, some disillusionment, tons of perseverance, (and did I mention even more struggle), dedication, some enlightenment and eventually, the Ultimate Personal Success!!

This entry is part 1 of 4 in the series First 30 Days

The Breaking Point

On October 2 2009,  my consulting job with Integrated Device Technology (IDT) ended when my contract was not renewed.  IDT has an 18-month employment rule for consultants, and my job had gotten “outsourced” to the IDT’s chinese division.  (shortly afterwards, 40+ of my former coworkers were also laid off after they had trained their chinese counterparts.)

Now understand, I’m a single Dad facing this.  I’m father of two daughters, Jailyn and Mielle, 15 and 12 years old respectively.  Jailyn had moved in with me in my 2-bedroom apartment and we were really enjoying our company together, our “daddy-daughter time”.  Although Mielle still lived primarily with her mom, I would get an extra evening or two a month with her just from random reasons.  And I treasured every one of them!

I had ZERO savings and living paycheck to paycheck. I had invested all my money funding what would become Pro Manager CRM Trainer, LLC.  (we had one name change before choosing Pro Manager)

Imagine this:  A month before getting laid off, the transmission in my van broke down, and I didn’t have the $1,500 or so to fix it.  But luckily, my business partner Tom shared his car with me and was totally cool about letting me use it to go back and forth to work while I was at IDT, while he worked on the all the other aspects on launching a thunderously successful online business.  Remember, Tom is my former brother in law, I was married to his sister and my children are his nieces.  Tom and I are the co-founders of Pro Manager.

Trust me, there’s an incredible amount of work behind the scenes that most people realize in order to make the magik of the Pro Manager System possible!  Tom was working on (and still working on) securing unlimited merchant account processing volumes from as many merchant banks and payment gateways a possible.  While Tom will move on to other tasks in managing Pro Manager, there will always be an ongoing need for getting more and more merchant account to ensure unlimited transaction volume.  That’s because the ironic thing with US Banks is that if your volume explodes without a prior history, they’ll shut off your account because in thier eyes, it becomes high risk.

Instead of celebrating “Yeeee Hawwww!  We got ourselves a Big One!”, the banks get all scared and want nothing to do with you.  Although our sales rep assured us that we could process up to $2 million transaction volume per month, we knew better.

That’s just one pearl of wisdom that we’ve learned along the way as we saw companies fail because they grew too fast.  We took notes.

Back to my situation, my rent was a whopping $1150/month.  My unemployment benefits was was $880 per month after child support deduction.  (actually, less after paying taxes on it too, which btw is a heartless thing that the IRS does…  but do you expect any different?)

At that time, my role in Pro Manager was the Information Technology (IT) Director.  It would be CTO if we were a public corporation, but we bootstraped it, self-funded (with a few private investors only (personal friends, no angel funding or vulture capitalists)).  I’ve since included Social Media Director in my role with Pro Manager, but at the time, I was the sole programmer for the prototype to the Pro Manager System.  We were pushing hard for launching the Beta for the prototype, and our plans were to self-fund and be profitable as soon as we turn on the system.  More on the products and services within the system, just know that they’re digital, like in downloadble videos, mp3′s, software and more, with a Super Powerful Affiliate Program!

I looked for a new job, but with the economy crashing induced by the banking fiasco, “regular” jobs were scarce.  Of the 40+ of us that were laid off, I knew of only a handful that had gotten jobs months afterwards.  So I focused on completing the programming to launch.  I often wished for investor money just so I could outsource the programming and I can focus on being the creative force that as a co-founder Pro Manager, I have the resposibility to bringing the best ideas to the table to make our combined Vision Turn Into Reality.

Now, I’m glad we didn’t.  In in not having adequate funding and support, that’s when I hit my breaking point.

In March of 2010, I reached my Breaking Point!  I was evicted from my apartment.

I was broke, unemployed, no car, ashamed and embarassed beyond belief.

But I was lucky.

As it turns out, a good friend and former roommate Don offered to let me basically stay at his house and work from the office while Tom and I finished the project.  A few years back, both Tom and I were also roommates at Don’s (this would be the 5th time Don and I would be roommates), and Tom was currently living there when Don extended his welcome.  (Don, I speak for both Tom and me when I say that you’ll always have a room waiting for you in all of our houses worldwide!  (Writer’s Note:  The houses worldwide are still in the Magnetically Attracting and Manifesting Stage.  :-)

Jailyn moved back in with her mom, but she and Mielle would come over as scheduled on every other Wednesday and weekends.   All non-primary custodial dads know the routine.

How I Found The Solution

First the problem, or the “challenge” as it were.

On the advice of our corporate attorney, William Breck, JD, MBA, CFP (WM BRECK & ASSOCIATES, LLC ), I disabled numerous features in the Pro Manager System with the intent on waiting to roll them out until we secure our intellectual properties worldwide.  The estimated cost was $1,000,000 (one million dollars) per worldwide patents in every jurisdiction that “counts”.  By Tom and I’s last count, we were going to apply for 29 patents.

I didn’t happen to have $29,000,000 (29 million dollars!) laying around, so the choice was a no brainer.

In “Day 14:  The Back Office”, I’ll show you a screencast video of the back office with some of the features enabled.  As Beta Testers, what you’ll see when you login will be different from what you’ll see in the video as new features and changes are rolled in.

One of the first problem/challenge was, “Without accepting investor money, how do we raise funds to secure patents and branding?”  More questions naturally come as this was getting answered of course.

The answer and the solution turned out to be something that was in front of us all along.

But first, I’d like to take a short excursion by telling you about the process I use in manifesting intentions, and turning vision into reality so we can have some common ground of basic understanding.

If you have never done this, I encourage you to try it.  When you have a problem or a question, put an an intention that the answer and solution will present itself and come to you, and the Divine Synchronicities are coming into alignment, and the Universe is bending over backwards to help you receive the answer and solution loud and clear.  Ironically funny, the Universe does this by leaving subtle clues that catches you’ll recognize if you’re paying attention.

If you practice that, you’ll be amazed at the synchronicities that manifests through the connections you make from the conversations you have, from the insights you see… If you share your passions with the world, and you’re genuinely a good sincere person, you will attract like minds with an appreciation to what you have to share.

And when they keep coming to the website and check out what’s new, well, you my friend have made a connection.

Some connections will be silent (meaning that the reader reads only and doesn’t comment but keeps coming back (a lurker)), some will start a conversation with you by posting a comment.  Ask yourself, “How can my new friend and I help each other so that we get the answers and solutions to both our problems and challenges faster and the journey more enjoyable now that we’ve met and made the connection?”

Notice that it’s the question is phrased in such a way that it’s mutually beneficial for us both, a win-win intention from the start.

Give the answers time to come to you, and look for the clues.  Or if you want and it feels right, you can just bring it out in the open and ask it out loud…  But always be open to receiving the answers and keep your eyes out for the synchronicities the Universe provides.

The answer we got was to continue on with the strip down of the Back Office, but leave the must-have features intact (like the Affiliate Referral Tracking and Management and of course, the most Ultimate Affiliate Program Ever!  (I apologize for the bragging, but where would I get if I didn’t brag at least a little bit about the products and services we offer.  :-)

And to launch the Beta to the prototype with a One-Time-Purchase instead of a Monthly Subscription.  Banks consider monthly subscriptions riskier than one-time-purchases, so the strategy is to grow a monthly volume to establish processing history, then add monthly subscriptions to the merchant services contract.  It seems evident now, but at the time, we just didn’t see it until then.

Now, how the solution came to us is as interesting as the the solution itself was powerful.

I somehow stumbled upon a link to a free ebook, “Get Paid For Who You Are:  The 5 steps to Financial Freedom, Time Freedom, Location Freedom, and Inner Freedom.” by David Wood.  (full disclosure:  I have since signed up in his affiliate program and I get paid for referring customers to him.) (not an affiliate link)

The title caught my attention and concept of getting paid for who you are totally intrigued me!  I downloaded and printed the ebook and devoured it in a day!

The core of the book was that you can gain financial freedom by sharing what you’re passionate about and using social media to building your personal brand!  Wow!!  That concept totally opened my eyes and I had to know more.

Now coincidently (or a Divine Synchronicity), Thea had forwarded to me a newsletter that had a link to a video about a major mlm opportunity.  There was an opt-in form where I entered my phone number.  When I got the callback, it was from one of his team and told me about the opportunity.  Her name was Cindy Cieplik and she explained the opportunity to me in an easy going manner without pressures to join…  unlike a lot of other MLM’ers out there who just don’t get it!

We had a pleasant conversation, exchanged personal stories of who we are, and exchanged industry notes.  Although I chose not to join her opportunity at that time, we left the door open in the future.  For me, individual MLM companies are simply “Revenue Engine” that powers the Pro Manager System.  The Plan is to have as many Revenue Engines and to be able to grow and manage them all with the same effort it takes to grow one.

Cindy was generous in that she shared with me the top mentors with successful track records that she knows about, and some she works with directly.

One of the people on this list was Katie Freiling, creator of The Unified Tribe.  (full disclosure:  I’m an affiliate for her products and I get paid for referring customers to her.)

I downloaded her free eBook, “Social Media Wealth Manifesto:  A Complete Guide To Claiming Your Personal Wealth In The New Social Media Economy”. (not an affiliate link)

I totally devoured her book in a couple of hours.  It’s only 43 pages (Get Paid book is 180 pages) but it’s jammed packed with awesome inspiring motivating information and her passion really comes out just as much as in her videos.  I could really appreciate why Cindy recommended Katie to me.

There were several more people that Cindy recommended I look up, and I looked them all up and signed up in their newsletters, the one that had the flashiest presentation was none other than Mr. Jonathan Budd.

Before this, I had never heard of this self-made 25 year old millionaire rockstar in internet marketing.  (full disclosure:  I have since signed up in his affiliate program and I get paid for referring customers to him.)

Currently, Jonathan is promoting the roll out his internet marketing program The MLM Launch Formula that can be used for any business.  (It’s actually a slight misnomer because it doesn’t involve you joining any mlm’s.  Go figure??  :-)

The common thread that David Wood, Katie Freiling and Jonathan Budd and many others I’ve since met is that they’re successfully using Social Media to grow their Personal Brand.

And that, my dear readers was the Ultimate Solution to the Ultimate Challenge for a successfully product launch for the Pro Manager System.  The Synergistically combination of what I’ve learned from these living proof that Social Media Personal Branding Works!

Next it was time to put what I learned into action!!

Tomorrow, I’ll share some details about The Ultimate Solution, Action Plan and more links to awesome content I’m using right now!  I’ll include a screencast video that your’s truly here will narrate.  The video will show the Pro Manager Income Potential Simulation Calculator and what’s possible in the next six moths with the numbers I entered.

I sincerely thank you once more for stopping by and I’m super impresed by your enduring this post, which ended up A LOT longer than I had anticipated.  If you haven’t already done so, please subscribe to my feed, follow me on Twitter, and friend me on Facebook… and in the next 30 days, I hope to entertain and enlighten you with my story of struggle, hope, faith, more struggle, some disillusionment, tons of perseverance, (and did I mention even more struggle), dedication, some enlightenment and eventually, the Ultimate Personal Success!!

I’m blogging for 30 days straight for the 30-Day Blog Challenge…  so I decided to map out the articles that I’m writing in the next 30 days.  By mapping it out, it will not only keep me on track, it gives you, my dear reader, a preview of what’s coming up, and an idea of where I’m going with all of this.

The bolded topics below, that’s where the opportunity for us to connect and collaborate.

You see, beyond just blogging for 30 days straight to meet the blogging challenge, my another purpose for writing the blog is to collect these articles into an eBook titled “Brand Thy Self!”

There’s a tagline in there too, but I haven’t decided exactly what it is yet… something like

  1. Personal Branding Using Social Media for Newbies and Experts
  2. Getting Paid For Being Yourself and Sharing
  3. The Ultimate in Social Media Personal Branding
  4. ….  your suggestion???

The topics covered in  “Brand Thy Self!” are taken from the articles to be written below.  The items in black, I’ve got fully covered.

The bolded topics below, that’s where the opportunity for us to connect and collaborate.

As I write the chapters in “Brand Thy Self!”, I’m going to reference and cite other blogs that pertain to those topics.  For example, for topic #8, “The Biggest Lie People Repeat About Making Money Online”, I have my idea of what that is.  But I’m sure you, my dear reader, also have your own ideas of what the biggest lie is.  So when I write my blog, I’ll write my own idea, but I’ll also reference and cite yours!

That means that when the eBook is completed and published, your blog links will be in the pertinent chapters and the bibliography section for all time!  Big Whoop, right?

Well… I think it is and here’s why.  I’ve co-created along with my business partner a Social Media Personal Branding Platform that comes with a Step-By-Step Affiliate Referral Management System that takes advantage of exponentially growing your Social Media social proof and influence.

So that’s the offer.

To summarize, I’m sharing my topics for the next 30 days, putting it all into an eBook “Brand Thy Self!”, and I’ll immortalize your blogs by linking to it and citing you as an expert in Social Media Personal Branding…  because you are!!

And if you can help me come up with the “tag line” for the book, I’ll give you something special…  not sure yet, but I guarantee it will be of great value.

Without further ado…  here’s my list of topics for the next 30 days!!

  1. Introduction, How I Lost It!
  2. My Story of Woe
  3. Get Immortalized!  Be In My eBook:
  4. The Breaking Point and How I Found the Solution
  5. The Ultimate Solution – with PM Calculator Video
  6. Success Stories of Folks Using The Solution
  7. Old Myths vs. New Realities
  8. The Biggest Lie People Repeat About Making Money Online
  9. Will This Work For Anyone
  10. The Zombie Quiz
  11. The Global Economic Calculator
  12. The Plan
  13. The Social Media Personal Branding Platform
  14. The Back Office
  15. Getting Started
  16. Do’s and the Don’ts
  17. Ongoing Training and Resources
  18. Finding Your Niche
  19. Boosting Your Self Confidence
  20. Sharing Your Passions
  21. Growing Your Personal Brand Pt1 – Getting Massive Traffic
  22. Growing Your Personal Brand Pt2 – Connecting with Power Players
  23. How You Make Money from Your Personal Brand
  24. Next Step With Your Personal Brand
  25. Working with Non-Profits, Charitable Organizations and Professional Associations
  26. Putting it together and How it all works with Pro Manager
  27. Focusing Your Mind
  28. Turning Vision Into Reality
  29. My Story of Wow!
  30. Where do you go from here?

(note:  I will be editing the list above to link to the blog articles)

Tomorrow, I’ll share with you how I reached my Breaking Point and How I found the solution to take me to the next stage!

Thank you again for stopping by and please subscribe to my feed, follow me on Twitter, friend me on Facebook… and in the next 30 days, I hope to entertain and enlighten you with my story of struggle, hope, faith, more struggle, some disillusionment, tons of perseverance, (and did I mention even more struggle), dedication, some enlightenment and eventually, the Ultimate Personal Success!!

When the new Millennium opened at midnight on January 1, 2000, with a lot of people worried about the impending Y2K doomsday scenarios…  I was having my own Y2K meltdown too.

Those were my hopes and dreams…  I totally bought into it, hook, line and sinker!!  And I wasn’t about to stop until I got it…  no matter what.

I had just finished an 18-month out-of-town consulting job that put an irreparable strain on my marriage.  I promised myself that I would never do that again!

Even though I had made good money as a consultant, I was still a slave to my J.O.B.  It seemed like no matter how much more money I made by working tons of overtime, my expenses kept going up even faster!  I rode my spending curve all the way to the top and unbelievably, was going into debt faster than I could make money.

I was in a vicious cycle…  the more I worked, the more I depended on “external” satisfaction, like buying expensive gadgets like all guys do….  most of which I never even used!   It sent me further into debt, so off to work I’d go for even longer hours, weekends and endless nights.

Oh, and did I mention on top of all that, I had been remodeling my house for the previous couple of years?

So there you have it…  the two most potent marriage destroyers of all time:  Finances and Remodeling.  (Infidelity usually comes as a result of the breakdown of communication and mounting stress in the relationship… but that’s an entirely other story.)

Without a financial plan for the future and a roadmap to get there, I felt completely lost.

So I quit my IT consulting career to focus on an entrepreneurial project with my then brother-in-law, Tom Bryant, who eventually became my business partner.

Tom was a partner in a financial brokerage here in Austin, Todd Reed Inc.  Years previously, they decided to diversify their portfolio by including income streams from network marketing companies.  They were able to build a downline of over 100,00 very quickly…  but they didn’t even collect email addresses…  remember, this was back in 2000 when internet marketing barely even existed.

So when Tom asked me to help their office get up to date technologically and learn the network marketing industry, I jumped at the chance with both feet!!

I knew it was the right thing to do, to venture out, to take a chance at something greater than what I was currently doing, and do it while I was still young enough.  I had two young children with growing needs and I was missing out on it because I was working so much!

I had seen the hype about how people were getting rich quick in the mlm industry…  saw lots of pictures of happy couples in their fancy cars, beautiful mansions, and elegant yachts.  They looked fit, active and happy…  with their children playing… and I wanted to be just that!

Those were my hopes and dreams…  I totally bought into it, hook, line and sinker!!  And I wasn’t about to stop until I got it…  no matter what.

But sometimes, it’s that “no matter what” that drives us can also blind us when it gets in our way.   But that’s yet, another story too.

Tomorrow, I’ll share with you this idea I have brewing on how your blogging can help me write my eBook and bring you massive traffic to your blog in return.

Please subscribe to my feed and in the next 30 days, I hope to entertain and enlighten you with my story of struggle, hope, faith, more struggle, some disillusionment, lots of perseverance, (and did I mention even more struggle), dedication, some enlightenment and eventually, the Ultimate Personal Success!!